Maintenance Technician II - Environmental Services

  • Village of Wellington
  • West Palm Beach, FL, USA
  • Sep 26, 2017
Maintenance Technician

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The Village of Wellington is a "Great Hometown" that strives to provide high quality services that create economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Our Wellington vision balances a unique hometown, family atmosphere with an attractive natural environment and recreational, cultural, and educational activities and facilities for all ages. The Village of Wellington is a family-oriented community located in Western Palm Beach County and is a great place to live, work, and play.

Position performs intermediate level technical work in the maintenance and repair of various machinery and equipment depending on assigned department of function. Position is responsible for ensuring safe and proper operating conditions through the application of diverse trade skills. Work is performed under general supervision with limited latitude. Position exercises some judgment in accordance with well-defined policies, procedures, and techniques.

Examples of Duties

* Operates vehicles, tools, and equipment as appropriate to the assignment, e.g., drills, presses, grinders, buffers, spray guns, hydraulic jacks, heavy equipment, vehicle lifts, welders, mounting machines.

* Performs general to complex computer diagnostics and electronic troubleshooting tasks in isolating and resolving maintenance and repair issues.

* Operates various trucks and equipment in the loading, hauling, and transfer of refuse, materials, and supplies.

* Performs inspection and testing tasks as part of a regular preventive maintenance program and to ensure safe and proper operating conditions.

* Performs various building/facilities security and maintenance tasks, e.g., doors, locks, window, awnings, screens, glass, mirrors.

* Performs skilled maintenance and repair of building/facilities, various fleet vehicles, and heavy construction equipment.

* Works independently or as part of a team project effort, depending on area of assignment.

* Overhauls, removes, and/or repairs various operational components.

* Maintains various records regarding assigned tasks, e.g., work orders, time sheets, materials required/used, purchase requisitions.

* May oversee field crews when applicable to work order assignments.

* Performs all duties in conformance to appropriate safety and security standards.

* Responds to emergency call-ins for hurricanes or other critical events.

* Performs related duties as directed when such duties are a logical and appropriate assignment to the position.

Mosquito Control Assignment: Responsible for identifying, selecting, mixing, and applying chemical or manual solutions to get rid of pests. Identifies pest problem and appropriate solution, applies chemical or trap, and removes dead rodents.

* Spray chemical solutions, powders, and gases on or near surfaces of a building to eliminate pests.

* Identify invading pests, including rats, termites, snakes, wasps, ants, spiders, mosquitos, or bed bugs.

* Set mechanical traps and place bait.

* Remove dead rodents after extermination.

* Ensure building is empty when product is applied.

* Identify damage to property.

* Inspect property to ascertain wall and roof porosity and possible sites of pest invasion.

* Access infested locations.

* Cut or bore into buildings to access infested areas.

* Pore pesticides over location.

* Clean and remove pesticides after application.

* Study preliminary reports and diagrams of infested area and determine treatment type required to eliminate and prevent recurrence of infestation.

* Measure area dimensions requiring treatment.

* Clean and remove blockages to facilitate application

* Utilize appropriate protective gear and equipment during application.

* Power-spray chemicals onto surfaces.